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Spring cleaning tips to live a more eco-friendly life

Spring cleaning tips to live a more eco-friendly life

Spring is a time to refresh your life and clean out your home. If you’ve been meaning to make some changes in your life to be more eco-friendly, then spring is the perfect time to do it. 

If you’re not ready to spring clean, you could also get out and do some gardening. You can make use of the waste leftover from your Squares to Spare order to plant some of your favourite flowers. 

But if you’re ready to make some eco-friendly changes in your life, here’s how to spring clean your life to live a more eco-friendly life.

5 tips to spring clean your life

Reduce the plastic in your home, room-by-room

A simple way to spring clean your home to live a more eco-friendly life is to start removing the excess plastic in your life. Whether it’s by switching from single-use bottles to reusable ones or switching from bottles of soap to bars or plastic Tupperware to glass jars. Whatever changes you make will make a difference. 

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Learn how to recycle properly

Recycling at home can often not be as simple as it seems because every council has different rules. Ensuring your putting the right things in your recycling bin will help minimise the waste that goes to landfill. You can also make commitments to recycling soft plastics via RedCycle, batteries and mobile phones at different drop-off points and check what other things you can recycle that you may not be.

Clean out your closet and declutter

Cleaning your closet and decluttering your home is a common part of a lot of people’s spring cleaning routines. To make it more eco-friendly, ensure you’re not just tossing things in the trash. Make piles for donating, selling, and trash. 

Start a compost

A great way to make your home more eco-friendly is to prevent food waste from going to landfill by starting an at-home compost. And don’t think you can’t start a compost just because you don’t have a yard. There are small in-apartment composts and composts to fit all-sized homes. 

Set up a toilet paper subscription with Squares to Spare

And, of course, switching your toilet paper to a more eco-friendly option of toilet paper like Squares to Spare is a perfect way to help make your life more environmentally friendly. An even better option is to set up a subscription to ensure you never run out of toilet paper and you’re house is always full of eco-friendly, plastic-free toilet paper. 

Although we’re saying these are spring cleaning tips for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, you can make these changes at any time during the year. Spring is just perfect to refresh and make changes in your life.

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