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Make simple swaps to get a plastic-free bathroom

Make simple swaps to get a plastic-free bathroom

Going plastic-free may seem like a daunting task and overwhelming. But the smallest steps can add up to significant changes. When it comes to being plastic-free in your home, breaking it down room by room can help minimise the overwhelm. These simple swaps can get you on your way to a plastic-free bathroom.

Get a plastic-free bathroom

If you really look at your bathroom, you may find there are actually many plastic products, most of which end up in the landfill. You can make some simple swaps in your bathroom today to help prevent this and go plastic-free.

Shampoo, conditioner and soap

Plastic free bathroom - shampoo conditioner soap bars

What do you do with your shampoo and conditioner bottles once you’ve emptied them? Most likely, you toss them in the trash. This trash ends up in landfills adding to the plastic waste problem.

There are few options to go plastic-free with shampoo and conditioner. You could opt for shampoo or conditioner bars, like bars of soap but are formulated for hair care. The other option is to use glass bottles and find a company that offers you the option to refill your own bottles like bulk stores.

Depending on what you use for washing your body or your hands, you may have plastic bottles or plastic wraps from bars of soap. Switching to bars of soap wrapped in recyclable paper is a super simple swap to make. If you prefer liquid washes, you can, like shampoo and conditioner, use refillable glass bottles and refill them.

Toothbrush, floss and toothpaste

pexels-sarah-chai-plastic free bathroom teeth

Photo by Sarah Chai from Pexels

You can easily swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush. These can be purchased from many stores as they’ve become quite popular. A bamboo toothbrush is a fantastic option because of its sustainability credentials as a plant, but the toothbrushes are compostable.

If you use an electric toothbrush and worry about the heads, there is something to help you. Unfortunately, you can’t remove the plastic when it comes to electric toothbrush heads. Still, you can opt for a more sustainable option. Some companies sell toothbrush heads made from recycled plastic and offer a recycling service to continue the circular economy. If you send them back the heads, they’ll recycle them into new heads.

Single-use plastic floss is a big issue for marine life. They can become entangled in it or, like other small plastic items, swallow it. Opting for beeswax or silk floss that often come in glass jars is a much more environmentally friendly option to help keep your teeth healthy.

When it comes to toothpaste, you can make you’re own with multiple recipes available online. If you aren’t into the DIY option, you can opt for a toothpaste tablet that dissolves in your mouth, ready for you to brush. You put it on the brush and brush your teeth. Alternatively, you can choose a toothpaste powder that comes in glass jars that can be recycled and work similarly to regular toothpaste.

Toilet paper, brushes and cleaners

Stacked Squares to Spare toilet paper

Going plastic-free with your toilet paper is one of the easiest swaps you can make for a plastic-free bathroom. Squares to Spare toilet paper comes in 100% bamboo or 100% recycled options. Each roll is wrapped individually in paper to remove the need for plastic. In fact, everything that the toilet paper comes in can be recycled to create our 100% recycled toilet paper. From the box it’s delivered in, the paper it’s wrapped in, and the toilet rolls, it can all be recycled to make our 100% recycled toilet paper.

To make sure your toilet stays as clean as possible, you want to make sure you have a toilet brush and some good quality cleaners. The good thing is you don’t need to rely on plastic brushes or plastic contained cleaning products to make it happen. You can get a bamboo or wooden cleaning brush and use refillable containers for your cleaning products.

Razors, cotton tips and other personal hygiene products

Plastic free bathroom - razors and more

Stainless steel or similar razors are better for the planet. They are also often better at the job they’re meant to do than the disposable ones. Alternatively, you can choose an electric razor.

There are multiple options for reusable or more sustainable female hygiene products for the females in your household to remove that waste from your home. Deodorant is another personal hygiene product that comes in a plastic bottle tossed in the trash when done. You can opt for a DIY deodorant or buy natural deodorant paste in a jar or tin that can be reused or recycled.

Cotton tips now come in a compostable bamboo variety and are way better for the planet than plastic and cotton types. Hairbrushes can go from plastic to bamboo as well, and the more plastic you remove from the bathroom, the better off the planet will be. These are just some of the changes you can make in your bathroom to make a plastic-free bathroom.

Whether you make all these changes or just one of them, even the slightest change impacts the environment. We’d love to hear any that you’ve made.

Once you've made the changes in your bathroom why not look at going plastic-free in your kitchen and laundry.

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