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Simple kids crafts using empty toilet paper rolls

kids crafts

Keeping the kids occupied during the school holidays or even on a rainy weekend can be a struggle. Why not make some kids crafts from your empty toilet rolls to occupy your kids? Not only does it occupy the kids, but you’re also reusing the rolls rather than just tossing them in the bin…although they are recyclable.

5 fun ways to reuse toilet rolls with these kids crafts

Tube binoculars

This is a pretty simple glue and paint craft where you glue two rolls together, poke a hole in the side of each and loop a piece of string through. You can then also paint the rolls or add additional decorations as you want. Once finished, your kids can use the binoculars for bird watching or go on an adventure in your backyard.

Desk organiser

Image of a desktop stationary organiser made out of empty toilet paper rolls to look like a tiger

This may be better suited for older children. Still, even some younger children may have pencils or other supplies to organise. Just glue the rolls together. You can even cut some in half or thirds to have multiple sizes holders. Even better, turn the desk organiser into your child’s favourite animal by painting stripes for a tiger or zebra or using a scaly green for a dinosaur.

Cute party lanterns

These require scissors, so best to only be done under parental supervision. Still, you’ll end up with some pretty decorations your child can hang in their rooms or even outside. You just need to cut slits in the roll leaving about one centimetre at the top and bottom, you then bend the roll, and the slits will form the lantern. You can add some glitter, paint or other decorations as you wish.


What a great way for you kids to not only use up some used toilet rolls and bottle caps but also use their imagination. You’ll need a range of supplies depending on what type of puppets you want to make, but a lot of it you could find in the recycle bin, like the lids off your plastic bottles as feet for some animals.

Once the puppets are made, your kids can then put on a show for the whole family! Making this a great craft for the whole family to enjoy.


Image of animal kids crafts made out of empty toilet paper rolls

With some coloured paper, paint and some glue, your kids can have a blast creating miniature versions of their favourite animals. Or even some fun new monsters or creations. Let their imagination run wild with what they create.

Helping the planet can be fun when you reuse things to create something new. The best part of getting the kids involved is you occupying their time, engaging their imagination, and teaching them that they don’t need to throw everything away.

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