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Squares to Spare fundraising program

Hi Chief Fundraiser, 

We know fundraising can be a hard and thankless task. 

Planning, organising volunteers, investing funds, running the show – not to mention getting people to spend – are just a few of the many challenges for a chief fundraiser.

What if there was a fundraiser that was simple, effective and very profitable … and had the added appeal of being good for the planet?


We thought you might be! The answer is toilet paper! Squares to Spare Toilet Paper.

As a part of our sustainable and socially responsible business, we at Squares to Spare have developed a fundraising program to help local community organisations raise funds. 

How it works is very simple:

  1. Your supporters buy the toilet paper via our website, using your unique code.
  2. We deliver the awesome toilet paper to their door.
  3. We send you $10 per each box sold using your unique code.

What are the Advantages:

  • You hold no stock, you don’t do any deliveries, you invest no money.
  • You only need to motivate people to buy online using your code.
  • We supply tips and tricks and marketing materials (but who doesn’t need toilet paper, right?).
  • Money flows direct to your cause.

3 reasons you should fundraise with the help of Squares to Spare

  1. Easy to manage
  2. Good margins
  3. Good for the environment

PLUS the products are awesome!

Get more info:

If your group is interested in the program, email us at: givingback@squarestospare.com.au with the subject line “interested” and include details for the best contact person. We’ll send out the registration pack.

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