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Squares to Spare's mission

We started Squares to Spare because we wanted to make some changes in how Australians looked at the paper they throw down the toilet. We’ve been working in the waste and recycling industry for over 20 years and have seen first hand how Aussies handle their waste and how much paper goes to recycling.

Seeing this made us wonder why are we cutting down 40-50-year-old trees, which will take 40-50 years to replace, for things like toilet paper, tissues and paper towel. These are all products that are literally thrown away, so why are we wasting so much virgin paper to produce them? We wanted to change this.

We want Australians to choose sustainably sourced paper — either 100% recycled or bamboo. And if choosing bamboo, why do you need to have it treated with multiple chemicals to be bright white? When it comes to bamboo toilet paper we want Aussies to remember Don’t Wipe White.

We don’t add bleach or dye to our products which leave them looking unlike what most Aussies would see on the shelves, but it’s better for the environment.

We pride ourselves on being 100% Australian owned and giving back to our community and it would be ideal if we could manufacture our products in Australia.

Unfortunately, Australia doesn’t have the facilities to produce the products we want in the way we want. We hope to change this. We have a goal to make Squares to Spare so successful that we can bring manufacturing back to Australia by building the relevant facilities right here in Oz.

Our other big goal is to support Australian charities that are helping Aussies who are doing it tough. There are many amazing charities that do great work to help Aussies get their lives on track or support them through tough times. We want to support these charities by giving all 50% of our profits to charity, read more about how this works on our Giving Back page.

Come join our mission to bring our toilet paper manufacturing back to Australia, helping Aussie charities and don’t wipe white with Squares to Spare products.

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