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About Us

About Squares to Spare

Squares to Spare

Squares to Spare was born out of the desire to change the way people deal with poop. We don’t see why we cut down 40-year-old trees just to create the stuff you use to wipe your bum. And with 384 trees, on average, used to make the toilet paper one person will use in their lifetime we thought it was time to let the trees be.

We’re not just about toilet paper either with tissues and paper towels in the works we want to limit the number of trees cut down to satisfy our needs. Our products are soft, strong, absorbent and all the things you expect from quality paper products and good for the environment.

Our bamboo comes from a sustainable farm that lets the bamboo regrow after harvesting. It also doesn’t use pesticides or fertilisers because bamboo doesn’t need encouragement to grow. It already grows faster than your typical tree and uses less water to boot.

Continuing our commitment to cut down fewer trees, we also offer a 100% recycled option for all our products. How about that, just by going to the toilet you can help save the planet.

We want to share our passion for eco-friendliness with you and your family. By switching to our products, you’re helping alleviate climate change and making more responsible choices for our environment.

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