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Did you know... 🎋

Most toilet paper is made from trees — yes, all-important trees, that provide habitats for thousands of animal species, suck carbon out of the atmosphere, and take forever to grow back.

230,000 trees are cut down every year to make toilet paper — that’s more than 420 football pitches’ worth of forest.

In addition, many toilet papers are treated with chemicals, like chlorine, that can wreak havoc on an environment if they end up in the water.

 The solution? Ditch your regular toilet paper and switch over to sustainable, environmentally friendly TP!

The breakdown

Bamboo Toilet Paper

✅ Comes in plastic-free packaging

✅ Made from bamboo, a highly renewable resource

✅ Environmentally friendly, not treated with harmful chemicals

✅ $1.25 per roll

✅ Will last the average family of 4 for 45 days!

Single roll of Squares to Spare Recycled toilet paper

Recycled Toilet Paper

☑️ Environmentally friendly

☑️ Made from 100% recycled paper

☑️ Not treated with harmful chemicals

☑️ Looks just like regular toilet paper

☑️ $1.14 per roll

☑️ Will last the average family of 4 for 45 days!

Customer stories

Never been so excited to receive toilet rolls delivered straight to my home. Must be Sydney Lockdown Madness. Really nice product, no bleaches, no plastic and lots of profit to charity. Win Win. Win

Patrick O

Best quality eco friendly toilet paper I’ve found on the market.

Great customer service with same day delivery (Northern Beaches, Sydney), which is amazing!

Jodie H

Received my delivery to my surprise the next day and the product is superior (good strength with soft texture) to what I have used in the past.
Love that the bamboo toilet paper is not bleached or treated with any chemicals.
Will order again highly recommend the product.

Vera R

I love it

Matt R

Great toilet paper, quick delivery and so good for the environment!

Allison D

Excellent product (toilet paper).

A must in all respects!!

Amazing service. Highly recommend.

Julie M


Where do you deliver?

Currently, we only deliver to Greater Sydney, Newcastle (including the Hunter) and Central Coast.

We hope to expand this to the rest of Australia soon. 

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Can I sign up for a subscription?

We don’t want you losing your cool and running out of toilet paper leading to a 2020 supermarket-style meltdown. To make sure you never run out, we offer 8 week, 12 week and 16 week subscriptions.

What's the deal with bamboo?

After you chop down a tree, it takes about 30 years to grow a new one. But if you harvest a bamboo plant, it takes only 6 months to grow back. That makes bamboo far, far easier to use sustainably — thanks to bamboo, we can leave the rainforests alone.

Why isn't my bamboo TP white?

Bamboo is naturally brown-ish. To make it white, we’d have to add a bunch of harmful chemicals, and we’re not gonna do that.

Using brown toilet paper takes some getting used to, but we promise you can do it. It won’t hurt you. Just give it a try!

What charities do you support?

We believe in giving back to our community — that’s why 50% of our profits are going to Australian-based charities. You can read more about how we give back here.

How much is shipping?

We currently offer free delivery to Greater Sydney, Newcastle (including the Hunter) and Central Coast.

We hope to expand this in the future. You can see the full list of postcodes covered by this on our Shipping and Returns page.

If you live outside this range get in touch so we can organise your delivery with shipping costs.