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Bamboo Toilet Paper - 48 Super Rolls


🎋 100% Bamboo, 100% tree-free

🕊️ 50% of profits go to local charities

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This premium toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo. Instead of chopping trees that take decades to grow just to make something, you'll flush down the loo, the bamboo we use only takes two years to grow before harvesting. Now you can enjoy that soft feel you love so much for many more years to come!

  • 100% Tree-free & plastic-free toilet paper 🎋
  • Express delivery within 72 hours* 🚚
  • 48 super rolls in each box 📦
  • Conveniently delivered to your door 🚪
  • 300 sheets per roll 🧻
  • Hassle-Free subscription. Cancel anytime 📅

* 72 hours delivery for the Northern Beaches & Sydney Metro with <7 days for the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter regions.

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  • 100% Tree-free & plastic-free toilet paper 🎋
  • Dye & Bleach Free 🍂
  • 48 extra long rolls in each box 📦
  • 3 ply & 300 squares per roll 🧻
  • Express delivery within 72 hours* 🚚
  • Handily delivered to your door 🚪
  • Bother-Free subscription. Exit anytime 📅
  • Together we can build a circular economy 💚

* 72 hours delivery for the Northern Beaches & Sydney Metro with <7 days for the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter regions.

Read our Shipping, Returns and Subscription policies.

Image of a box of Squares to Spare 100% Bamboo Toilet paper

Save the trees

Millions of trees are chopped down each year to make the paper we flush down the toilet. These trees take 45 years or more to grow, whereas bamboo takes six months, making it the more sustainable toilet paper option.

Read how bamboo is beneficial

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Squares to Spare eco-friendly toilet paper is soft on your bits...

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Squares to Spare eco-friendly toilet paper is delivered straight to your door in Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle

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Squares to Spare gives 50% of profits to Australian charities

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Customer stories

Excellent product (toilet paper). A must in all respects!!
Amazing service. Highly recommend.


Really like how they're focusing on giving back to Australian communities. Products great too btw!


Great product and love how soft it is! Favourite is the bamboo!


Top quality, long lasting rolls. Very happy!


Just got my first delivery. Awesome product. Who thought toilet rolls could be so exciting! And delivered to my door!


Very good company our life saver through covid.



Why bamboo?

Well, the real question is, why not? Bamboo is a superstar when it comes to helping the environment, and it really is no different than other paper. Bamboo uses less water which means there is more left for the rest of the plants. Bamboo is also magical when it comes to plant life, you chop it off and give it six months and wham it’s grown back!

What! Is it not white?

No, we believe that you shouldn’t wipe white. To make bamboo the lovely luxe white colour, you’re used to seeing we’d have to add lots of chemicals like bleach or put it through a whole level of other processes. Neither of these options is great for the environment, which is why it’s a beige colour. Just think of it as a little closer to nature than usual.

Read more on why we don’t make our bamboo white.

Do you offer alternatives?

If you’re still not keen on bamboo, we also offer an option made from 100% recycled paper. It looks and feels like regular toilet paper but is created from the paper products you throw into your recycling. It could even be made from the very paper wrapping the toilet paper comes in or the box. How’s that for a circular economy.

Where does the product come from?

Currently, Australia doesn't have the facilities to manufacture sustainable toilet paper at an affordable price for consumers. We, along with many other sustainable brands, manufacture our products in Asia, where there is substantial access to sustainable bamboo and recycled paper products. As we grow, we intend to bring all manufacturing onshore to Australia, but this comes at a hefty cost. We ensure that all steps in our harvest, production, manufacture and importing processes are as sustainable and minimise the impact on the environment as possible.