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Tips for making the transition to eco-friendly toilet paper in your household

Tips for making the transition to eco-friendly toilet paper in your household

Making the switch to eco-friendly toilet paper is a small change that can significantly impact the environment. Traditional toilet paper is made from trees and is processed using chemicals that are harmful to the planet.

Looking for a toilet paper alternative with a lower impact on the environment and making the switch can be a shock if your family is used to regular toilet paper. With a bit of research, some tips and a clear plan, you can switch to a more eco toilet paper choice and live a greener life.

Why make the switch to eco-friendly or sustainable toilet paper?

Switching to eco-friendly toilet paper is essential to living more sustainably or moving closer to a zero-waste lifestyle. By consciously reducing your consumption of conventional toilet paper, you're saving millions of trees, minimising your waste and, if it's a plastic-free version lowering your plastic waste.

Sustainable toilet paper is made from renewable resources such as bamboo, sugarcane or recycled toilet paper. Choosing between the more sustainable options is more about preference and cost. Additionally, toilet paper that's eco-friendly often contains fewer chemicals than traditional brands, meaning they are better for the environment and safer for human health.

Why is traditional toilet paper bad for the environment?

Sustainable living starts with reducing our environmental impact, and traditional toilet paper does not fit this green ideal. Standard toilet paper production requires a high level of resources such as water, energy and chemicals to produce, and these resources are often not renewable.

Alternatives such as bamboo or recycled paper are much more environmentally friendly, meaning that individuals can reduce their environmental footprint by making small changes like switching to an eco-friendly alternative.

What to consider when choosing environmentally friendly toilet paper?

Image of Squares to Spare recycled and bamboo eco-friendly toilet paper on a white background

When considering which eco-friendly toilet paper to buy and use, it's vital to look for environmentally friendly and plastic-free products. Most average toilet tissue is wrapped in plastic, so you'll want to look for toilet paper that comes wrapped in paper that is recyclable and, therefore, more sustainable.

Recycled toilet paper is made from 100% post-consumer waste paper, making it an excellent option for reducing environmental impact. Another option is bamboo toilet paper, made from renewable bamboo known for its sustainability, strength and softness - making it an ideal alternative to traditional tree pulp toilet paper.

Consider opting for a tree-free toilet paper that is 100% plastic free, meaning the toilet paper comes wrapped in paper rather than the typical plastic.

Tips to help make the transition to eco-friendly toilet paper in your household

Research different options

Before making the switch, it's essential to research the options available. There is a range of zero-waste toilet paper options that can be made from bamboo, recycled paper products, sugarcane or other sustainable alternatives.

Consider the materials used, the manufacturing process, and the price to determine which option is best for you.

Start small

If your household is used to the look and feel of standard toilet paper, switching to bamboo or recycled toilet paper could be a shock. To make the transition easier, start small by changing the toilet paper in one bathroom (if you can), then gradually increase usage until it becomes the norm.

Using recycled toilet paper is often a way to ease the transition, as it's often the closest to the standard options.

Consider the softness factor

One of the biggest concerns when switching to a sustainable option is the softness factor. Some brands are rougher than others, but there are options available that are both eco-friendly and soft.

Try out a few different brands until you find the right one.

Look for brands that use environmentally friendly packaging

To ensure you don't discount the eco-friendly benefits of making the switch ensure the packaging is plastic-free. Look for brands that use environmentally friendly packaging, like paper or biodegradable materials.

Make it a household rule

Once you've switched to tree-free toilet paper or environmentally friendly toilet paper, make it a household rule to only use it. This will help ensure that everyone in your home is on board with the change and that it becomes a permanent part of your routine.

Spread the word

Finally, share your experience with others and encourage them to switch and use this toilet paper and be more conscious consumers. The more people make the change, the greater the environmental impact.

When you switch to eco options, even for something as every day as toilet paper, you make a conscious decision to live more sustainably. By researching different options, starting small, considering the softness factor, looking for environmentally friendly packaging, making it a household rule, and spreading the word, you can make the transition to eco-friendly toilet paper in your household easier and more impactful.

If you're ready to make the change, you can buy our recycled toilet paper online or the other eco-friendly option of 100% bamboo toilet paper.

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