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Simple ways to have a sustainable school year

sustainable school
Sorting out the school year can be stressful, and you’re not likely to be thinking much about how sustainable your choices are. You just want to get things done. But there are some simple things that you can do, whether it’s in preparation for the school year or throughout the year, to have a sustainable school year.

5 tips for a sustainable school year

1. Eco-friendly lunchbox and bottle

Sustainable school year - eco-friendly lunchbox

Lunchboxes and drinks bottles are inherently eco-friendly because taking them is better than buying them every day. However, there are ways to make them more sustainable. Try to limit the snacks in individual wrappers, even if you need to invest in smaller containers that fit inside the lunchbox to protect the snacks. Ensure your kids know how and where to refill their water bottles throughout the day.

2. Opt for second hand

Kids grow out of things so quickly, and buying new uniforms every year can become expensive and not very eco-friendly. One way to combat this is to use hand-me-downs from older siblings or neighbours. Even your kid’s backpacks can be bought secondhand. That way, it’s new for them but not brand new every year.

3. Reuse and recycle school supplies

Sustainable school - reuse supplies

Every year shops are filled with all the newest pencils, pens, books, pencil cases and all the other stationery that they’re sure kids will love. But before you take advantage of all the back to school sales, check your cupboards and the kid’s backpacks from last year. What do they really need? Could you reuse some of the stationary from the previous year?

4. Opt for sustainable school supplies

If you can’t find ways to reuse or recycle school supplies, see if you can find sustainable school supplies. This means books made from recycled paper and pens and pencils made from recycled materials. This way, even if you need to buy new products, they’re better for the planet.

5. Ask about the school’s sustainability programs

Sustainable school programs

You could also reach out to the school itself and ask about its sustainability programs. They likely have a recycling program, but perhaps you could suggest starting a composting recycling program. Another great idea is to create a sustainability parents committee that assists with making programs and helps teach the kids.

Integrating sustainability into all parts of your life makes it second nature to just do things sustainably; even under the back to school stress, you’ll make sustainable choices. Having a sustainable school year benefits you, your family and the planet.

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