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Eco-resolutions to kick start your New Year!


It’s that time of year when people make New Year’s resolutions and wishes for the year to come. What if, instead of your regular resolutions that you usually give up by the end of January, you make eco-resolutions and think more broadly about the changes you can make which will impact the planet.

We’ve thought of 7 practical and easy to implement eco-resolutions for you to either incorporate into your list or think about trying.

7 eco-resolutions to help you start the year by helping the planet

1. Start a compost


A simple way to be more eco-conscious in the new year and the perfect eco-resolution is to start a home compost bin. Whether you go the big bin out the back yard with worms and all or just a small bin in your apartment that fits under the sink, it all helps.

2. Switch to eco-friendly toilet paper


If you haven’t made the switch from that fresh white pure virgin pulp toilet paper to an eco-friendly option it’s the perfect eco-resolution to make this year. Make the switch to something like 100% bamboo toilet paper or 100% recycled toilet paper and reduce the trees cut down just for your poop.

3. Get your green thumb working


Now we’re not talking about turning your home into a jungle but there are multiple ways to incorporate more green into your home. You could make an eco-resolution to start a herb garden on your kitchen windowsill or a veggie garden in your backyard or add a plant to your office. Adding any amount of extra green to your home comes with many benefits.

4. Switch your energy supplier


Renewable energy options are becoming more and more popular as we all want to do more to help preserve the planet. This makes having an eco-resolution around your energy supply a perfect idea. If you can’t switch up your energy completely to something like solar then check out the green energy credentials of the energy suppliers in your area. Most energy suppliers these days have green options so make the switch and help reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Really work out the recycling


More things in your home can be recycled than you might realise and most likely more than you actually recycle. A great eco-resolution is to get to know what can and can’t be recycled better. To get a better idea of what can go into your kerbside recycling bin or bins check out your local council website to see what they accept. You can then also set up systems in your home to recycle things like soft plastics or plastic bags which all can be dropped off at collection locations to be recycled. Make sure to also look at what else you usually throw into the trash and see if can be recycled somewhere.

6. Switch your transport method


Whether it’s switching from driving every day to using public transport or using a bike instead of a car to get to the local shops. If you aren’t ready to make the full commitment like taking public transport every day perhaps your eco-resolution could be to switch to public transport once a week and increase it every month until you are doing it every day. Or only drive at times when it’s truly essential to have your car.

7. Become a conscious consumer


Every decision we make has a larger impact on the world we live in and when it comes to where we choose to spend our money. Making more conscious choices when it comes to how and where you spend your money could be a great eco-resolution to make this year. Even if you don’t make the “right” choice with every purchase you make, making some effort to be more conscious of how you spend your money is a great step in the right direction.

So what do you think of the 7 eco-resolutions we’ve come up with to help you make your new year a more eco-friendly one? Are there any you would add? Whatever resolutions you choose to make, we hope you have a very happy new year.

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