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Squares to Spare and sustainability

Squares to Spare and sustainability

Squares to Spare may make toilet paper, but we really love the environment and doing whatever we can to help it. This is why we have made sure our products are 100% sustainable from the toilet paper to the packaging. It's all good for the earth.

100% Bamboo

sustainability 100% bamboo

Bamboo products are popping up everywhere and for a good reason. From clothing, sheets, undies – and toilet paper of course – we’re becoming more aware of the range of high-quality products this magical grass can produce.

So what’s so magical about bamboo? It grows fast, faster than any standard forest tree. In fact, it can average 1.2m growth in a day, and within six months it’s ready to be harvested again. Yes, you read that right, harvested again.

The other magical aspect of bamboo is that a single plant can be harvested multiple times. Now compare this to trees which take 30-40 years to mature enough to be harvested and once you cut them down they don’t grow back.

Here are some quick facts that might convince you to switch to bamboo:

  • No need for pesticides, as bamboo is pest resistant.
  • That super-fast growth means no fertilisers are needed, it can do it all on its own.
  • Bamboo is a tough plant as well, it can grow in ground that other plants can’t.
  • Bamboo doesn’t have a drinking problem either, it uses 30% less water than trees.
  • Take a deep breath, yes that’s right bamboo also produces oxygen, in fact, it produces 30-35% more oxygen than trees.
  • It’s not just good for the planet, it’s good for you - naturally hypo-allergenic, antifungal and anti-bacterial meaning no need to add chemicals.

We don’t like to put our bamboo through too many processes or add any special chemicals, which is why it’s beige in colour. But the colour shouldn’t put you off because it’s just as strong, soft and silky on your bum.

We may not all admit it, but we’re often quite picky about what we wipe out bum with. Don’t worry, this stuff is no compromise! It’s got the five S’s crucial to toilet paper going on…soft, silky, strong and sustainably sourced.

So give it a try today and become a bamboo convert.

100% Recycled

sustainability 100% recycled toilet paper

If the eco-creds of bamboo still hasn’t convinced you to make the switch or you just aren’t ready to give up that white TP look, we have another option. Our 100% recycled toilet paper is made from recycled materials but doesn’t skimp on quality or whiteness.

We don’t understand the need to cut down 40-50-year-old trees just to make something that gets flushed down the toilet. Imagine what those trees could be doing for the environment and the array of wildlife that calls them home if we left them standing and opted for recycled TP instead.

Our 100% recycled toilet paper moves us closer to a circular economy. The toilet paper rolls, paper wrap, and boxes can all be recycled and pulped to make the white, soft, silky, strong, and sustainable 100% recycled toilet paper.

Grab some today and start your eco-friendly toilet paper journey.

100% Plastic Free

sustainability 100% plastic free

You didn’t think we’d stop our sustainability at just the products, did you? Of course not! We don’t use any plastic in the packaging, which helps build a circular economy. Everything we use to package the toilet paper is recyclable, which means it can, in theory, have a second life as our 100% recycled toilet paper.

Now we know that even though it’s only loo paper, you still want to make sure it gets to your house in a clean and hygienic state. Each roll is individually wrapped in a beautifully designed paper wrap so you can be sure that all your rolls will make it to you clean. The wrapping paper can then be recycled when you’re done with it.

Read our mission to understand more of why we do what we do.

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