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Fun Halloween crafts you can make with your kids

Halloween crafts for kids

We love to find new ways to reuse the packaging we ship our Squares to Spare toilet paper to you. What better way to reuse your empty rolls, paper wrap and cardboard box than to make spooky Halloween crafts with your kids.

Halloween continues to increase in popularity in Australia after being a predominantly US holiday, but who doesn't love an excuse to dress up and eat sugary treats. Make these Halloween crafts with the kids to help them have some fun and enjoy themselves this 31st of October.

5 Halloween crafts for the kids to enjoy

Halloween crafts for kids - toilet roll puppets

Halloween toilet roll puppets

Collect all those empty toilet rolls and let your kid's imagination run wild! All you need is some paint and a few accessories to turn a toilet roll into a zombie, witch or ghost. 

You could even use some toilet paper (not that we encourage wastage) to turn your toilet roll into a mummy!

Haunted house 

The box is a great size to turn into a haunted house. All you need to do is cut off one side, so it's open, paint it some creepy colours and use the flaps to make a peak or roof. You can also use the cut-off side to make the house two-storey if you want to. You could even use some toilet paper roll puppets in the house as props.

Halloween crafts for kids - spooky ghosts

Spooky paper ghosts

Using the paper, we wrap your toilet paper rolls in, with the pattern side down, and create small ghosts you can hang around your house. Just draw on eyes and a mouth before you hang for extra spookiness. You'll also need to use some of the paper wraps to stuff the head of the ghost and some string to tie under the head and hang it.

Fake candles

Another way to use your toilet paper rolls is to turn them into fake candles to prevent any fire hazards in your home. All you need to do is drip hot glue on the side of the rolls as if it's dripping wax, then paint the whole thing one colour. You don't need to stick to the plain white candle colour. It's Halloween, after all, so why not make it spooky with some fun colours.

Jack-o-lantern box

Rather than going out and buying a bunch of pumpkins to carve that will have to be tossed before they rot, why not reuse your box as a jack-o-lantern. Just paint the box orange, paint on the design you would have carved in a pumpkin, pop an empty toilet roll on top as the stalk and sit it on your front porch!

Check out these design ideas from Pinterest.

We hope you enjoy giving these Halloween crafts a try with your kids. Let us know if you have other suggestions on how to reuse the box, paper or rolls from your Squares to Spare order.

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