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How to be a better member of your community

How to be a better member of your community

To truly make a difference in this world, you need to be an engaged and effective member of your community. Now how this is done looks different for everyone.

At Squares to Spare, we engage in being better community members by donating 50% of our profits to charities helping Aussies in need and supporting local organisations with their fundraising efforts. Plus, we have a solid eco-friendly focus for all our products.

5 ways to be a better community member

As an individual, you can take a range of actions both in your daily life and just more generally to help you become a better community member. You may not be able to do everything on this list, but you can start with one action that supports your community and grow from there.

1. Do your bit

Image of a group of community members doing their bit and cleaning up a forest of rubbish

This is pretty simple, and it’s more about not increasing the burden on your local community. Ensure you’re doing things like properly recycling according to your local council rules, picking up all your trash when you go out or helping another person when you see them struggling with bags or having issues. These small actions help support the community in ways most people often don’t pay attention to.

2. Volunteer

An image of a group of community member volunteers helping struggling community members by handing out food and water

If you have the time and capacity, find a local charity organisation looking for volunteers to help them in some way. You can use skills from your career or hobbies to help support your community. Even ask local organisations like schools or sporting clubs and see if there is anything you can do to help support them.

3. Give back

Image of a headless community member with a box of clothes ready to donate

Giving back or donating could be a good way to give if you cannot give your time. Now it doesn’t just have to be donating money because not everyone can do that. You could do a clean-out of your home, and rather than throwing things out for council clean-up, see if there is a local charity that needs items. In Australia, we’ve got people trying to rebuild from fires and floods or leaving horrible situations with nothing that would love some of the furniture and belongings you often see sitting on the kerb as rubbish.

If you can give financially, that would also be hugely appreciated. You could even set up an automatic payment every month, or whenever you get paid, that comes from your bank account without you having to do anything. That way you won’t miss it. If you’re not keen on donating to larger charities, you can find more local ones to support, such as Givit. They use the money to purchase goods for families who need help.

We support the Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter.

4. Support local

Image of people shopping at the local farmers market to be better community members

Support your local economy by supporting local small businesses. Shopping local supports another local financially who will then put that money back into your community, creating a fabulous cycle. Sometimes we opt for the easiest way to shop and buy online or head to the local shopping centre or department store. But you can often find hidden gems in your local community, and in the modern world, you can also find them online. 

5. Get involved

Image of a group of community members in a community meeting engaging in their community

Get involved in any way you can, join local groups, attend local events, or even join the local council. Getting involved in local community organisations and events means you’re not only being a good community member, but you’re also able to effect change in the area that can help others.

There are many ways to be a better community member, and we all have to remember we’re part of a global community that needs to look after the planet and each other. Do your bit, get involved and give back in whatever way you can and you’ll not only be a better community member but feel better for it also.

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