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Keep your pets occupied with some toilet paper crafts

Keep your pets occupied with some toilet paper crafts

We love using every part of our packaging to ensure that none of it goes to landfills, so why not make some pet toys. If you have a cat or dog at home, you will likely have plenty of toys. Still, you’re also likely to notice they love to play with things that usually go in the bin, like boxes, bottles and other rubbish.

5 DIY toys you can make for your pet

We’ve got 5 simple DIY projects using the rubbish you’d have from your Squares to Spare delivery that make great pet toys.

Toss the toilet roll ready for tearing

Photo of a dog playing with a toilet roll

Every dog owner knows how much they love to chew, and cats love to scratch. Why not toss the roll for your dog or cat to chase, chew, or scratch. It’s cheap, simple and keeps them occupied. If there’s still a little toilet paper left on the roll, it’ll make it more fun for the destructive dog or cat.

Turn it into a treat toy

Four way image of dog playing with toilet roll with treats in them

One thing our pets love more than anything is treats! Instead of giving your dog, cat, rabbit or hamster the treats directly, why not make them work a little to get them.

Here’s how to make a simple treat toy for your pet:

  1. Grab an empty toilet roll and cut slits to fold onto themselves, both ends.
  2. Fold one end of the roll to create a container
  3. Add your pet's favourite treats.
  4. Fold the other end up, closing the roll with the treats inside.
  5. Throw the newly made treat toy to your pet and watch them manipulate the treats out.

Build a cat castle

Image of cats climbing on and in a Squares to Spare box

Cats love to climb, and they love to explore. What better way to entertain your kitty than to build them their own cat castle out of your empty box. Now this one is a craft you could get the kids involved in to decorate the castle to make it fit for a king or queen cat.

Create an enrichment puzzle

Image of dog getting treats from toilet roll treat puzzle

One of the best ways to keep your dog occupied when trying to do things around the house is through enrichment puzzles. And you can make a simple one out of the pile of empty toilet rolls in your bathroom.

Here’s how to build an enrichment puzzle for your pup:

  1. Grab a bunch of empty toilet rolls and a small box or plastic container.
  2. Line up your rolls in the box or container, keeping each roll upright and tightly together.
  3. Sprinkle treats throughout the rolls.
  4. Put the puzzle down for your pup to sniff out the treats and get them.

TIP: If you’re dog struggles to get the treats out with full-length rolls, cut them in half and try again. Or make it more difficult by stuffing some of the paper wrap our rolls are wrapped in into the rolls above the treats.

Make a bird feeder

toilet paper crafts bird feeder

Whether it’s for your pet bird or just to attract more beautiful birds into your backyard, a bird feeder is a great way to use those empty toilet rolls. It only takes three simple steps to create a toilet roll bird feeder:

  1. Cover the toilet roll in peanut butter or honey.
  2. Roll the covered toilet roll in bird seed.
  3. Thread a string through the roll and hang either in your bird's cage or on your balcony.

Using and reusing the waste left over from your box of Squares to Spare is a great way to continue your positive impact on the environment. Get crafting and get the kids involved!

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