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5 ways to reuse your toilet paper wrapping at home

toilet paper wrapping

Our products being 100% plastic-free means that everything that comes in your box from Squares to Spare is recyclable including the toilet paper wrapping. All you need to do is pop it in your kerbside recycling bin, to be recycled and turned into something new.

If, however, you want to make use of our toilet paper wrapping at home, we have some fun and crafty ways to reuse our wrapping.

Paper flowers

toilet paper wrapping

What better way to show someone you love them than by giving them a bunch of flowers, but real flowers die, so why not give paper flowers!

It’s easy enough to make yourself a couple of flowers. All you need to do is fold a single wrapper into four or quarter it. Fold it in half again and then fold in 1cm sections creating a zig-zag imprint, cut along the top folded area. Tie at the other end with twine or wire and unfold the paper in petals.

You could even create a few and use an empty toilet roll as the base, like a vase.

Gift wrap

toilet paper wrapping

Save money and the environment by using your toilet paper wrapper to wrap your presents. Not only are you reusing the wrapper, but you’re also sharing Squares to Spare with your friends and family.

Some presents may be a bit larger and need multiple wrappers to wrap, or you could use some newspaper as the base wrapping and then accent with your Squares to Spare wrapper.


toilet paper wrapping

From cranes to crowns and boxes to blooms, there are plenty of origami instructions available online that you can create with your Squares to Spare wrapper. Once you make these beautiful objects, they can either be used as decorations in your home or given as small gifts.

Wrapping flowers or herbs as gifts

toilet paper wrapping

When you get a bunch of fresh flowers, they often come in some plain paper. Add some flair by adding a Squares to Spare wrapper to the wrapping. You could also save money and use flowers from your garden as the bouquet, or the paper flowers above, and a Squares to Spare wrapper to wrap it.

Another green gift you can give and use a toilet paper wrapper is giving the gift of herbs! You could pick a selection of herbs from your garden, wrap them with a wrapper and gift them to a friend or family member for them to use in their cooking.

Bunting or hanging decorations

toilet paper wrapping

This one is so simple that your kids could do it for you, as long as your keep watch as scissors are involved. You could cut the wrapper up to create some bunting for your next party or find other shapes or designs that you can turn your wrapper into hanging decorations.

These are just five possible ways you can reuse your Squares to Spare toilet paper wrapper once you’ve taken it off your TP. There are thousands more you can find on Pinterest.

We would love to see what fun ways you reuse your wrappers. If you're looking for more fun crafts check out our kid's crafts using empty toilet paper rolls.

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