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Believing these 5 bamboo toilet paper myths keeps you from growing

bamboo toilet paper myths

We’re big fans of bamboo at Squares to Spare not only because it’s an eco alternative to paper and other products but also because it’s just so versatile. As such, we wanted to share some of the bamboo toilet paper myths you may have heard and the truth.

Bamboo toilet paper myths BUSTED!

Here are 5 common myths we've found about bamboo toilet paper that we wanted to help you bust.

Bamboo toilet paper is not as strong as toilet paper made from virgin trees.

This bamboo toilet paper myth is ironic, considering there is plenty of toilet paper made from virgin trees that is feeble. The same is true for bamboo toilet paper. It’s not about what the paper is made out of but the quality of the product. If the bamboo toilet paper is high quality, it’ll be just as strong as any other toilet paper in the market.

All eco-friendly toilet paper is the same.

We love all eco-friendly toilet paper because anything is better than chopping down acres of 40-50-year-old trees to make a product we flush down the toilet. Now, in saying that, not all eco-friendly toilet paper is the same.

Bamboo toilet paper is considered one of the most eco-friendly toilet paper products in the market because of the multitude of eco-benefits of bamboo. We think ours is even better because we don’t add any additional chemicals, dyes or bleach to make our bamboo toilet paper white. We’re also biased towards our product.

Bamboo toilet paper is not as soft as other toilet paper.

Bamboo products such as sheets, towels and clothing are in high demand and have high expectations when it comes to softness, which would tell you that this bamboo toilet paper myth is false. Just because bamboo is different doesn't mean it's any less soft when broken down into paper or other products. It’s not only just as strong and durable as toilet paper from virgin trees, but it’s also just as soft.

It takes more chemicals to produce bamboo toilet paper.

This bamboo toilet paper myth is 100% false. In fact, when compared to toilet paper made from virgin pulp, bamboo requires fewer chemicals and dyes to be made, especially ours that isn’t quite white. In addition, growing bamboo requires no pesticides or chemicals to encourage growth due to its fast-growing nature and its lack of pests.

Bamboo toilet paper will clog up the pipes.

No way, in fact, bamboo breaks down faster than virgin pulp toilet paper or even recycled toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper will decompose entirely in the sewage or septic system, leaving almost no trace that it even existed.

With these five myths busted, we hope we’ve helped convince you of the benefits of bamboo toilet paper. Especially if you’re looking for an eco alternative to your standard toilet paper.

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