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How Squares to Spare was born

How Squares to Spare was born

After working in Australia’s recycling industry for over twenty years, we realised that we could extend our commitment to keeping paper and plastic out of landfills. We also realised we could create a circular economy by making products from these recyclables and bringing them back into the marketplace.

Toilet paper was the top of the news for 2020 with fights in supermarkets over getting that last packet of loo rolls. We wanted to help bring the people what they wanted but do it sustainably. We’ve worked hard to make sure our bamboo is from a farm that not only sustainably manages its plants but doesn’t add chemicals to them. We wanted to minimise the virgin tree paper on the shelves and give you an easy option to help the planet.

The best part is, not only do we get to help the planet but we get to give back to the community with 50% of our profits going to a range of charities. 

Why choose Squares to Spare?

  • The convenience of never fighting in the shops over the last lot of loo rolls - we deliver straight to your door!
  • You get to do your bit to protect the environment - do you need more reason?
  • Supporting Aussie families and kids in need - your purchase will be part of the 50% of profits we donate to a range of worthy charities.
  • The same price for great quality, sustainably sourced product- your bum won’t notice the difference and neither will your wallet so why not when you get to save some trees.
  • You know it’s not a virgin...but in a good way - there is still a ton of toilet paper on supermarket shelves made from virgin trees cut down for no reason other than to wipe your bum.
  • You can know exactly where your TP is coming from - we tell you all the gory details about how we make our rolls and help the planet in the process.

Why we don't wipe white!

To get your toilet paper to look so crispy and white, it has to be processed and dyed and processed again. This makes the paper you get not so eco-friendly even when the original source product is as sustainable as bamboo. We choose to put our bamboo through the minimum amount of processing needed to be the softest, most durable, and toughest toilet paper without harmful dyes.

Read more about why we don't wipe white.

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