100% Bamboo Toilet Paper - 48 box


This 100% bamboo toilet paper is made from fast-growing and regenerative bamboo. Bamboo takes around two years to grow to harvest size and the best thing is, once cut it will just regrow again for the next harvest!!

It also requires less water and energy to grow than other timber or paper. So the bottom line is no trees were harmed in the making of this100% bamboo toilet paper!!

With no bleach or dyes used during production, you may find this bamboo toilet paper isn’t quite white but we believe you shouldn’t wipe white.

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Additional Information
Weight7-8 kg
Dimensions43 × 32.5 × 41.5 cm
Product Details

Product Details

48 individually packaged rolls, 300 Sheets per roll. 10x10cm. Free of bleaches and dyes

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