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100% Bamboo Toilet Paper - 48 Rolls

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This premium 100% bamboo toilet paper is made from plants that take two years to grow before they’re chopped down – but not to worry! This slowpoke will make new shoots of fibre in no time, giving us those soft feels we love so much for many years to come.


  • 100% Tree-free & plastic-free toilet paper.
  • 48 super rolls in each box.
  • 300 sheets per roll.
  • Delivery within 48 hours or your next order on us*.
  • Conveniently delivered to your door.
  • Hassle Free subscription. Cancel anytime.


*48 hours delivery to Central Coast, Newcastle, Northern Beaches & Sydney Metro for now.

Hmm... so bamboo?

Well, the real question is, why not? Bamboo is a superstar when it comes to helping the environment, and it really is no different than other paper. Bamboo uses less water which means there is more left for the rest of the plants. Bamboo is also magical when it comes to plant life, you chop it off and give it six months and wham it’s grown back!

No, we believe that you shouldn’t wipe white. To make bamboo the lovely luxe white colour, you’re used to seeing we’d have to add lots of chemicals like bleach or put it through a whole level of other processes. Neither of these options is great for the environment, which is why it’s a beige colour. Just think of it as a little closer to nature than usual.


Read more on why we don’t make our bamboo white.

  • 48 x individually wrapped rolls of bamboo toilet paper.
  • 300 Sheets per roll, each sheet is 10x10cm.
  • Free of bleaches and dyes but still soft on your bum.
  • Flushes freely down different types of plumbing including septic and compostable etc.
bamboo toilet paper

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Our awesome customers

(3 customer reviews)
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Great toilet paper, quick delivery and so good for the environment!
Matt Rogers
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I love It
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Received my delivery to my surprise next day and the product is superior (good strength with soft texture) to what I have used in the past. Love that the bamboo toilet paper is not bleached or treated with any chemicals. Will order again highly recommend the product.

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Anything else on your mind?

Currently, we only deliver to the Sydney Metro area. Free shipping is available to this area.

We hope to expand this to the rest of NSW, ACT, QLD and Metro Victoria as soon as possible. 

See our Shipping and Returns page for more information.

If you’re still not keen on bamboo, we also offer an option for 100% recycled. It looks and feels like regular toilet paper but is created from the paper products you throw into your recycling. It could even be made from the very paper wrapping the toilet paper comes in or the box. How’s that for a circular economy.


See below.

As much as toilet paper just goes down, well the toilet we still want to make sure that it’s 100% clean and hygienic when you receive it. The usual option is to put multiple rolls in a big plastic bag, but we don’t like plastic like that, so we opt for wrapping our rolls in paper. We like to think the paper that wraps the individual rolls looks pretty good too.


Not only does this prevent unwanted plastic from going to landfill, but it’s 100% recyclable which means it could become your next roll of toilet paper.

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