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Giving Back

We believe that we are part of a community. Therefore we need to make sure that we are supporting that community in any way we can. Our sustainability practices help ensure that we leave behind a beautiful planet for future generations, but we don’t stop there.


As a business that believes in supporting the community, we also give 50% of our profits to a range of Australian charities that help Aussie families who may be struggling.


We as a company don’t choose the charities we have asked some of Australia’s leading business people to be part of an independent board of advisors. This independent board selects charities based on multiple factors but focusing on how they’re assisting Aussies in need.


The board then decide which charity gets what percentage of funds out of the 50% profit. We don’t give the whole 50% to a single charity as we want as many Aussies to benefit from it as possible.

Giving Back -Squares to Spare make this world better
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